January 2018
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About Our Trip

Dave and Anne

Dave and Anne

After thinking about it for 40 years I’ve decided to do some real traveling. I’ve been to Fiji, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne a few times, but that’s all in the back yard really, or just over the fence.

Anne and I have some friends who live in Canada who have been telling us to get off our bums and visit them. They’re going to Paris and London in June and July so we decided to meet them there.

On the way Anne and I are going to do a bit of tiki-touring.

Anne wants to return to England to see her side of the family once more, and I have always wanted to go to Scotland to see where the Stewarts stood at Culloden and to stand in Glasgow on the banks of the Clyde where my grandparents ashes were scattered. With the Homecoming Scotland event being held this year as well there really is no better time for me to do this.

So, we are off. Flying out on June 14th, to Hong Kong, then London, then straight up to Edinburgh. We’ll see Oasis at Murrayfield then take a rental car up to Culloden, then over the Glasgow via Loch Ness.

After a week in Scotland we’ll head down to Lancashire to visit with Anne’s old stomping grounds. I’ll shoot over the Leeds and catch the Leeds home game against Bradford with Jeff and probably see Jeff Beck at the Apollo in Manchester. I also want to go to Liverpool and see the Beatle’s history as well.

We’ll the move on to London for a few days and get a photo of me crossing Abbey Road etc.

We’ll be catching up with our Canadian friends here then we are off to Rome for 4 days before heading home via Hong Kong again.

All very exciting stuff.

I’ll post blog comments as we progress through our journey and keep people up to date with our travels and experiences here.

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